The Y2K countdown clock on the Eifel Tower

World Traveler

During 1998 and 1999 I had the privilege to work in the IBM Y2K Corporate Project Office and travel to Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Vienna, Portsmouth, Glasgow, Dublin, Milan, Mainz, Stuttgart, Toronto, and Mexico City. Our Peer Review team was truly virtual, with members from Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Minnesota, Raleigh, San Jose, Australia, Scotland and Sweden. These travel links remain here to help anyone who travels frequently.

Best wishes to everyone from the team in their new endeavors.

Linda and Lauren at LaDefense in Paris

Currency Converter This converts any currency to any currency, and gives you a small chart to print and take with you. How many dollars equal 100 pesos? This chart will tell you -- no need for math in your head. Real-time flight tracking. Dial in at the airport, enter the airline and flight number, and you'll see if it's on time, in flight (and how many miles from the airport), or landed. (US only)

US State Dept. Find out overseas travel infomation, such as required visa's, shots, and what the country is like for US travelers (try'country', where 'country' is your destination).

Mapquest Print maps and driving directions

International Weather from


lists 61,000 hotels worldwide, with all amenities at each hotel. Find out if your room will have a coffee pot, hair dryer, exercise center, etc.

Magellan's Great travel supply store; all the information you need on electrical and telephone plugs for around the world.

Port Thinkpad accessories and travel cases and supplies

Rand McNally Store for maps

World Time Find time zones and local holidays

Web Flyer Extensive site for frequent flyers; news, tips, airline programs, etc.

Mining Co. Air Travel Extensive site with all kinds of information and links on air travel

Preview Travel for business travelers

ABCNews Travel Site including the "Crabby Traveler" column

Hard Rock Cafe Locations around the world (Lauren's favorite haunt)

Passenger Rights This site helps you file complaints directly to the airlines and the US government.

CDC Find out about health for world travelers at the Center for Disease Control.